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imageRYAN CARSON (chef/owner) has an innate ability to create intoxicating dishes that evoke the warmth and spirit of comfort food fine-tuned with the precision of modern culinary techniques. As a California native, he brings “post modern American” with global influences drawn from many cultures. Illuminating his love for the bounty of locally raised foods and seasonal farm-fresh produce paired with today’s modern techniques and yesterday’s classic disciplines. As the Chef/Owner of ‘Pri-vē he has innovated a menu that has guests, foodies and media saying Chef Carson is a culinary genius spinning magical masterpieces in the kitchen. His tasting menus have put, his previous restaurant, AnQi on to Gayot’s Top 10 Molecular Gastronomy Restaurants. His tasting menu was voted “Best New Culinary Adventure” in Los Angeles Magazine Angeleno and Orange County Magazine Riviera in 2011. He’s been sought after by media and peers to learn more about his “magic” kitchen because his techniques are a self-taught mastery derived from an insatiable curiosity to refine and push the boundaries of the culinary experience. As an artist, Chef Ryan creates a sensual and memorable art that pleases all five senses: sight, smell, sound, touch and taste. From the kitchen to the dining table, he pays homage to American mothers, including his own mother who believed food was the centerpiece of all social and memorable life experiences. He learned how to cook at his mother’s side and at early age loved to experiment like a scientist, or better yet an artist, with the family recipes.His first job at just 15 in the kitchen turned out to be a perfect fit under Chef Bill Orton, Executive Chef of the Disneyland Resort, shaping inventive fusion dishes that drew on a diversity of cultural cuisines from classic French to the Pacific Rim and a wide-variety of ingredients. Chef Orton noticed a combination of hard work ethic and leadership skills that accelerated Carson’s promotion up the ranks of the kitchen to become the youngest Sous Chef at 19 years old in the Disneyland Resort.Award-Winning Chef Andrew Sutton of Napa Rose recognized a “raw talent” in this rising culinary star and hand-selected him for the pre-opening and opening team of Disney’s Four-Star Napa Rose Restaurant. Under Sutton’s direction, Carson honed his knowledge of wine country cuisine and culinary skills to entertain guests in an open-plan kitchen that eventually opened a door at Robert Mondavi’s Winery.

As Sous Chef of Mondavi’s Golden Vine Winery, Carson designed ingenious seasonal menus and restaurant recipes. His signature dishes paired with award-winning wine earned a loyal clientele. Carson left the winery to graduate with honors from prestigious California Culinary Academy in San Francisco.

California’s food mecca became his lab for mastering the classic disciplines of the culinary world while meshing with some of California’s top chefs such as Chef Gary Danko, Chef Laurent Manrique at Aqua and Chef Traci des Jardins at Jardinière. After graduation, he reunited with Chef Sutton at the Napa Rose to shape his ability in balancing the flavors and textures of every dish to form the perfect, sensual dining experience.

He translated this ability at Ambrosia with the resurrection of the “lost art” of tableside cooking. As Executive Chef of Ambrosia, he provided an intimate knowledge of the restaurant, the clientele and a long-standing relationship of more than a decade with his culinary team. The family atmosphere in the kitchen cultivated by Chef Carson made his guests feel like royalty the moment they sat down to dine at Ambrosia.

After 4 successful years with Ambrosia, Carson moved to a new venture with the legendary An Family becoming the Executive Chef of the chic new restaurant from Crustacean called AnQi. It was there where he blended his progressive French-American cuisine and techniques with Asian flavors to create unique cuisine.

Now as the Chef/Owner of ‘Pri-vē he and his insanely talented group of young chefs have innovated a menu that has guests, foodies and media saying they are culinary geniuses spinning magical masterpieces in the kitchen.


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