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Ryan Carson is highly sought after to talk about his culinary adventures with celebrity chefs on television, radio and print. He was featured with celebrity Chef Wylie Dufresne on a short about molecular gastronomy for “Ludo Bites America” on the Sundance Channel. Celebrity Chef Jaime Gwen discovers the magic in his innovative masterpieces that has her raving about Carson on her radio show. On Haute OC channel, Ryan discusses how he spins traditional flavors with innovative techniques to manipulate the textures and visuals that enhance the culinary experience. In OC Weekly, we meet Ryan Carson who tells all the real story behind the man. On PBS, we see Chef Ryan Carson rise to a challenge set by another chef. Foodie bloggers, most notably, KevinEats, has deemed privē the best dining experience he has had in Orange County. He’s become the talk of the town among chefs, foodies and culinary enthusiasts.

Ludo Bites America on Sundance Channel 

Gayot Interview

OC Wine & Beer Week Interview

Cathlyn’s Korean Food Challenge 

(ETTV Chinese CNN) 

Haute OC Travel Channel 

 Good Day L.A.

Rated Top Ten Molecular Gastronomy Menus in America

KFWB 980 AM interview 

OC WEEKLY interview

(part 1)

(part 2)

Named “Best New Culinary Adventure” – Riviera Magazine

Orange Coast “Rediscovery” for Ambrosia 

Orange Coast “Rediscovery” for AnQi


Review from Kevin Eats  #1
                   Kevin Eats #2 

Review from Epicuryan #1
                              Epicuryan #2

Review from the Foodietraveler

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